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     Pastor Samuel Smith came to Hays Fork Baptist Church on November’s first Sunday of 2013.  Born in Louisville, KY, January 24, 1953, he is the son of Rev. William R. & the late Velma Joyce Allen Smith.  His father pastored Union City Baptist Church of Tates Creek Baptist Association for thirteen years before his retirement. Pastor Sam is the oldest of one brother (Mark) and three sisters (Mary Anne, Kim, and Missy). 

Pastor Sam married his partner-in-life, June, in 1972.  They have two sons (Jeremy, the oldest; Jared, the youngest) and a daughter in between (Sara) and four wonderful grandchildren (Morgan, Noah, Haley, and Trey).

A Graduate of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College (1983) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1992), he has been in some aspect of ministry since the late 1970’s.  Pastor Sam has worked at an associational camp, announced on Christian radio and several different ministerial positions.  His first pastorate was at Polly Ann Baptist Church, Eubank, KY.  He has also served in Wisconsin, Florida, and most recently for almost a decade in Richmond, Indiana!

Hays Fork Baptist Church is celebrating 200 years of ministry to our community and on June 23, 2019, we will celebrate with a day of gratitude for all that has gone before and ask God to direct us for the days ahead.

Indeed, there is much to be thankful for in looking back over the last 200 years plus of ministry, but if we are not at the same time looking to the future, we will not reach our community for Christ, nor will we look to our world and not notice the darkness that seems to permeate every corner. We will not honor our Lord Jesus Christ if we don’t get beyond these four walls of our auditorium.

So yes, we are deeply grateful for the sacrifices that have been contributed across two centuries, but the challenge remains for what we will do if God grants us another two hundred years. Will He find us faithful upon His return? Will we hear those words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant”?

Sam Smith, Pastor

Hays Fork Baptist Church

4447 Hays Fork Lane

Richmond, KY  40475

Church Phone:  859-985-9883





Music Director- Ethan Baker

Sunday School

Fred Tilsley

(Sunday School Director)

Welcome: Sunday School at Hays Fork Baptist Church is all about experiencing God through teaching, open discussion and most of all from each other.  We like to believe that Sunday School is YOUR TIME to study and learn more about the Bible from the exchange of ideas.  We are very excited about our knowledgeable teachers and their love of the Bible and mostly for the love of having an opportunity to share their love of Jesus.  Please join us and experience this wonderful love of our Savior, Jesus Christ.